Personal Training

Williams Fitness, Personal Training Program in Mississauga and Streetsville, offers:


  • Personal Training = 1 client
  • Semi-private Personal Training = 2 clients (a great option for a couple, or family and friends to train together)

What is our Integrated Metabolic Training (I.M.T.) System?

Integrated Training is a type of training that properly integrates all components of a “Body Transforming” fitness program

  • Cardio training (anaerobic and aerobic)
  • Core training
  • Flexibility training
  • Resistance training (Metabolic and Traditional)

Combining these components will result in amazing fitness and health transformations. Your program is based on your goals and your level of fitness. I.M.T. = Body Transformation (Weight loss and increased muscle tone.)

The Formula For Success

The formula for you to achieve your fitness goals, and what you can expect from your Mississauga Personal Trainers, is:

  • Motivation: You can be committed yet still need our motivation
  • Goal Setting: setting goals builds the foundation for success
  • Goal-Driven Nutrition Planning: You can’t reach your body transformation goals by eating the wrong things
  • Accountability: know that we will be checking in regularly to ensure everything is going well
  • Gain Strength: You will become stronger
  • Integrated Training System: systematically trains all systems of the body to achieve your goal(s) + optimal health and fitness
  • Supplemental Cardio: It takes more than exercising with your trainer for 2-3 hours per week
  • Recovery and Regeneration: recovery and regeneration is important to reduce the risk of injury


The RESULTS are yours; you just need to follow the plan that we will discuss together throughout the duration of your time as
our awesome client getting amazing results.

What about nutrition?

Following your initial consultation we will discuss the different nutrition options based on your goals, your body composition and any
food intolerances/allergies you may have.


Exercise is the modern medicine marvel

Modern society is affected by so many physical and health conditions today for which exercise is the medicine to prevent it, and the drug to treat it.