Small Group Personal Training

At Williams Fitness, Your Mississauga Personal Trainers, our Small Group Personal Training is for 3-4 people. We keep the numbers small because our group personal training is very individualized and is like private personal training and not a boot camp. Clients are getting great results with our system and are finding personal training more affordable.


Our Small Group Personal Training is for all fitness level as our trainers are very experienced with exercise progression and regression; and will be able to provide you with the appropriate exercise, based on your fitness/health level and any injuries you may have.

Our I.M.T. (Integrated Metabolic Training) system fits seamlessly with our small group personal training. The small group personal training system is very similar to private personal training. The difference is the individual attention you don’t get, but you do get more than enough to be successful.

(For more information on our I.M.T. System, please see the Personal Training page).

Small Group Training is a great option for:
  • Wedding Parties
  • Co-workers
  • Families
  • Friends
  • …and more

Small Group Training is a great way to get fit and achieve your fitness goals while having fun with your friends and/or family.
If you’d like to join an existing group, or would like help putting a group together, feel free to contact us and we will accommodate you.
If you have a major injury that limits you from doing a large number of exercises, we strongly recommend one of the personal training options. This allows you to get the attention you will need to be successful in managing your injury while achieving your goal.
Williams Fitness,. Your Mississauga Personal Trainers, take pride in what we do and are honoured to be the ones to help in improving the level of health and fitness in Mississauga.



Exercise is the modern medicine marvel

Modern society is affected by so many physical and health conditions today for which exercise is the medicine to prevent it, and the drug to treat it.