Experienced Personal Trainers To Implement I.M.T System in Mississauga and Streetsville

All Williams Fitness Personal Trainers are fully trained to implement our I.M.T. (Integrated Metabolic Training) system with all clients.

I.M.T. optimizes all systems of the body to burn excess fat and increase muscle tone – helping you to:

  • Keep the weight off
  • Reduce risk / reverse certain chronic diseases.
The Trainers

profile_Chris Williams

  • Chris Williams, NASM CPT
  • Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of Williams Fitness

I created Williams Fitness with my passion to help others improve their fitness, health and wellness. I am a certified personal trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). Along with my background in exercise physiology and anatomy; the detailed curriculum at NASM; and my years of personal training experience have provided the foundation to become “Your Mississauga Personal Trainer”. I maximize my knowledge by using continuing education courses to stay current as I gain experience. What you can expect from me is my complete dedication to helping you achieve your goal(s). I will do my part very well, and I will support you and help you in doing your part as well.



Exercise is the modern medicine marvel

Modern society is affected by so many physical and health conditions today for which exercise is the medicine to prevent it, and the drug to treat it.