Training Environment

The space that we train our clients is a great Fitness Training Ground for personal training in Streetsville Mississauga.


It’s a small studio so you will feel at home when you see the same people all the time. We are able to do every form of training in this space, from circuit training using free weights and TRX suspension trainers to strength training with machines. This is ideal to complete all the phases of our I.M.T. system, leading to great fitness results for you.

Williams Fitness, Your Mississauga Personal Trainers, has partnered with another personal training outfit, Studio One Fitness, to share the personal training space. This is where all the magic happens. Although we share the space we are completely separate companies.

If you’re reading this page, you have a fitness related goal you would like to achieve. If your goal involves transforming your body to improve your health and fitness, Williams Fitness is the right choice.


Exercise is the modern medicine marvel

Modern society is affected by so many physical and health conditions today for which exercise is the medicine to prevent it, and the drug to treat it.